Wednesday, October 26, 2011


24" x 12" 
acrylic on canvas (gallery wrap)

This is a painting from a little while back. 
We can start with the fact that most of my friends dismiss it immediately because it is so dark.  That was my point.  I had put together a new setup table with a new lighting system, a miscellaneous new science for me. 
I tried to paint this vase with as little light as possible.  The light was coming straight down through a hole in some black foamcore filtered with a piece of tracing paper.  It created a real nice glow.  So here it is.  My next issue was to paint a really really dark painting using NO black.  I love all the different colors of black you can make on your own.  
I don't even own a useable tube of black anymore.
Interesting exercise.

Any questions - email me !

1 comment:

Katherine Thomas said...

Your work is stunning and very unique. I like how your subjects seem to stand out, so vulnerable and bold at the same time. Like people. It's all very beautiful. Merry Christmas!


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