Wednesday, October 26, 2011


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24" x 12" 
acrylic on canvas (gallery wrap)

This is a painting from a little while back. 
We can start with the fact that most of my friends dismiss it immediately because it is so dark.  That was my point.  I had put together a new setup table with a new lighting system, a miscellaneous new science for me. 
I tried to paint this vase with as little light as possible.  The light was coming straight down through a hole in some black foamcore filtered with a piece of tracing paper.  It created a real nice glow.  So here it is.  My next issue was to paint a really really dark painting using NO black.  I love all the different colors of black you can make on your own.  
I don't even own a useable tube of black anymore.
Interesting exercise.

Any questions - email me !

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Time to Pick

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acrylic on canvas - 30"h. x 20"w.

This is a painting I did this summer for a show at the Arts Council of Moore County.  I live in what is really a pine forest but we have a beautiful mix of dogwood, pine, magnolia and azalea and we can't forget the redbud. 
When the Magnolias bloom it is a thing to behold. 
Every stage of their blooming is a spectacle on it's own. 

This painting is available.
Please email me with a question or interest.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sasanqua and Silver

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'Sasanqua and Silver'
Acrylic on Canvas

This is a painting of some Sansaqua that I picked last fall. 
This was one of those pieces that was very quick to start and
very slow to finish. I don't know why that happens. After getting started the whites of the sasanqua and the whites in the silver gave me a bit of a scare, therefore I stared at it for an 'oh so very long time'. 

The sansaquas are blooming again ... so I guess I had better try again. 


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pass the Pepper

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This is a painting of a 'FAMILY TREASURE'
we refer to as 'THE CHICKEN'.
This was given to my mother
by my Dear Aunt Edawin ... they are both gone now.
'She' has been sitting around one house or another
ever since I was a child and since I could remember anything.
This is just another one of 'my favorite things'.

I am so happy to have had her sit for me ....
and I think she enjoyed it too.
It won't be the last time ... we have started yet another.
Enjoy !


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